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The aquatic fern Salvinia auriculata

By Reinaldo Aguilar (click on the pix to explore other pixes from the author).

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Carnival of Evolution, March 2013.

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Picks 0+^^

Academic life:

Culture isn’t that weird, or is it?


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(HT Ian Ramjohn)

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Reblogged until I come back:

Seeds Aside

A great deal of a flowering plant life is left to the discretion of pollinators. These indeed do play a very fundamental role in plant mating. Not to say, they are often responsible for a sensible amount of selfing (self-fertilization) and outcrossing (mating with an unrelated plant of the same species), depending on their behavior once they are landing on a flower.

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And please guess what they have in common (as of today).

Brassica rapa


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