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Nature Geek Porn

Lately I was discussing with a colleague about an invasive slug. My friend is an incredible naturalist but this day he had trouble remembering the slug’s name, so we had to try several sets of key words request before getting to the critter. Then, we had a comment as to how some species get weird names. And there was slug porn germinating in our heads. Good I thought, let’s keep it for the day I’d like to silly blog.

Since I don’t have much time to blog currently, this turns out to be the time it gets here. Fortunately, there isn’t much traffic to begins with, and porn can help boosting it a bit, while hopefully there will be more posting here when readers return.

So the question is, what would nature geek porn look like? In my informed opinion, it’ll be like this:


If you wonder why, it’s not just because. One of the synonyms for the slug illustrated here is Vaginulus floridanus. The flower is Clitoria ternatea. And you know what? Besides rocketting traffic in here, and despite a pure nature geekery, it is still very suggestive and hopefully some good porn… :-)

And it’s also safe for office.


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Friday links

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A Carnival of Rocks and Plants

Go read!

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Bulk linking for friday, since I’m becoming able to type more and more…


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Where do you rally generally? In tree steps.

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Peacock of the week, power storm.

Eyes for unsure.

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This week, a species formerly or still (pending your acceptance of systematics nerdery) ascribed to Epilobium (oldy or misleady) or more accurately (accurently!) Chamerion: Chamerion angustifolium. Or so to speak, Fireweed (USA and most Canada), Great Willow-herb (parts of Canada), or Rosebay Willowherb (UK), and as litterally translated from French Epilobium with narrow leaves. Should have been appearing in an old BloggerBioBlitz (2008 edition).

Chamerion angustifolium


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