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Okay, everybody knows how plants can cope with adverse conditions, especially when it comes to dormant organs just waiting to resprout when spring or whatever environmental trigger lights on, and then “whoot whoot”, I’m here. I’m alive and well. This is a sign of resprouting, or let’s pretend. It’s been far too long this blog’s been dormant. Water in, light on, nutrients duh?

It’s been a long time there wasn’t much shameless self promotion here, so Seeds Aside is back whoot-whooting blatantly with open access science. I know, this isn’t the first time I get published in an OA venue, but this time it’s with a well known and almost historical part of OA. The ONE that turned what is called a science mega-journal (currently publishing over 23,000 papers a year): PLOSONE. (more…)

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I know there are numerous and interesting timelapse art creations all over the internet, but this one is absolutely wonderful. I recommand you follow the link and experience this one:


Nothing to add!

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Click on the picture to go and see. Don’t stay too long though! :)

xkcd & frequencies

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Post-friday links

Because I’m (so) late:

Small Gardens at the NWFGS 2014

Washington Oaks Gardens in Flagler county, Florida; 12 January 2014

Vegetarian Music

A Fence Of A Different Color

Evolution-friendly young folk proffer questions for creationists

The fruit that keeps on giving . . .

Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Wax Moth Proventriculus

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These were the most read accessed posts at Seeds Aside in 2013:

Of course, these are mostly older posts. I should go back to older days writing style. I should…

The worste recorded was this one:

Title not so say! :)

Request were mostly single words, probably something that changed in search behaviour in recent years (too bad, it was funnier when people typed questions directly and resulting direction was mismatching…):

– roucou, mosses plants, drip tip leaves, achiote, contrepèterie en anglais, miltomate, male orchid, contrepetrie in english, meiosis, meiose…




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Bulk linking for friday, since I’m becoming able to type more and more…


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Find more…

It’s been a few days (enough to make a week though) that I came back from a conference at Accra (Ghana).

That place was good enough to enjoy both making the best out of meeting scientists, colleagues and probable future collaborators, chatting about important crops (yams!) and plant science (and engineering) and just enjoying it, simply because. I’m for one in love with Africa as a baseline feel, it all started in my early-to-mid tweenies and insect-prone geekery (or whatever this idea might convey, you get it!). And it’s been a long time since I left that continent last time.

Then, it was all too simple to gather a few gifts for the kids to enjoy (well, my first son wasn’t actually happy that I left him home since he enjoyed the latest field trip we made about two years ago and would have done it twice). Haphazard walks are eventful. This made my mind (of course, the guy was trained in getting tourists interested in his stuff, but still, I’m currently training to a point that might reach breaking lines for family evenings!).

That’s asalato. (more…)

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Friday peak

Links for the weekend:


Heated & passionate

How to keep up with scientific litterature, and its obligate tragedy of the common

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