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WordPress tells me it’s officially my sixth year of blogging. Happy it!


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Yes, happy New Year! Let’s say it actually looks like that…


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WordPress is telling me that the previous post is #500! That’s good enough. That’s roughly about a post every 3 days. Maybe it’s time for a huge party next January, after 5 years of almost blogging?!? Consider yourself invited! :)

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There are times you should let brilliant ideas out. Go there read about linking stamp to protecting nature. I’m sure if you don’t write handfully letters anymore, you’d still collect cool stamps, wouldn’t it? So sign up! That would be a good way to help financing reserves, hopefully not the only one but still one that helps.

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Amazonia. If you want chickens, there are several possibilities. One is to go to the next grocery, one that have a freezer (that is, at least a medium size grocery), and buy there a frozen chicken. You may also buy a live one to your neighbour, but that’s more expensive and you have to kill it yourself (and pluck and empty the beast, that’s more work but it’s not impossible).

Or there’s the other way. I’m going to tell you… (more…)

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Thanks to this post at This Week in Evolution, I discovered one can have a personnal page in google scholar, to group and “revendicate” her/his papers: a recurrent issue when you jump from a field to the other is that you decrease the odds of being acknowledged as an author (“is that really the same gal/dude?” syndrome), and eventually more jumps, less academic visibility. Which may be important if you wish people to know who you are, what you did, even when they are not looking at a résumé. That is, when you look for a job.


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Or maybe the reverse.

Just kidding.

I took time to lurk a bit, and found about books. You may have good reviews first, or even open books themselves:

The debunking handbook. Take a look and cook a tale.

Panama Trees guide. Gosh, is there the same for in here? I don’t know any of them (okay, I actually know a few, two fews, too few).

Climate change, the effects on health.

I myself just finished reading a book from Daniel Chavarria, which doesn’t even seem to have an English translation. I heard about this book about ten years ago, and was strongly recommanded reading it. The French title translate as “A tea in Amazonia” and guess what? I found it a month ago in a second hand book market. The whole plot basically begins here, on the Tapajos. Amazing coincident, wouldn’t it? Not a bad book indeed. A plot theory that would find echoes in the current worldwide political situation. Maybe that if you can’t find an English translation, this would be because there’s some truth in it, would it? Just kidding once again, I don’t believe in Tap tea. Not until I find a tree… :-)

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