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These were the most read accessed posts at Seeds Aside in 2013:

Of course, these are mostly older posts. I should go back to older days writing style. I should…

The worste recorded was this one:

Title not so say! :)

Request were mostly single words, probably something that changed in search behaviour in recent years (too bad, it was funnier when people typed questions directly and resulting direction was mismatching…):

– roucou, mosses plants, drip tip leaves, achiote, contrepèterie en anglais, miltomate, male orchid, contrepetrie in english, meiosis, meiose…





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Where do you rally generally? In tree steps.

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It’s been quite silent in here in the last weeks months… For several reasons, RL reasons.

One of them –and not the least- is that tenure clock was on the ringing phase. Let’s see a bit around now: since two weeks, I’m officially tenured. Whoot whoot. (ok, easy, but so happy).

Let’s admit this was nothing like a USA tenure thingie. Here in France you have only one year of practice before that tenure decision is made. Much shorter then a 10-year test. Of course, expectancies are a bit less fancy. I secured funding for a project (yay! I have something to investigate deeper in the next years), got a ms in the pipeline (and other experiments in the medium term pipeline), a lot of work for september and that was it. So I may really truly resume blogging only in next october.

But the news are good and you’ll see Seeds Aside soon.

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It’s busy here finding a way to get the best place to the festivities, kids are hectic. This day, this is black & red theme for mid Lent.

An excerpt from previous local incarnations, so that you can participate too :)

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Housekeeping Poll

Well, you may have noticed, but several new post categories are popping up in here lately. I’m discovering the full potential of scheduling, and new ways to share stuff and enjoy, that is, making Seeds Aside living while still being busy otherwise. That’s good, because an even newer sort of life is to be expected soon (oh, this is deeply secret RL stuff, but if I tell you it’ll certainly decrease if not deplete some more free time like before, you’d easily guess what’s happening).

So, whenever this is going to have me cut off some the creepy stuff from SA, what would it be? The best I can do is directly ask the few readers (and spambots) stuck in here what they like to read best. So here’s my housekeeping poll, where you can vote (up to 4 answers accepted) for your prefered kind of stuff, and whenever I lack time next I’ll skip the least of the likes… Pleaz getz pollz!

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WordPress tells me it’s officially my sixth year of blogging. Happy it!

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Yes, happy New Year! Let’s say it actually looks like that…


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