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Gogonuts palm edition, perhaps oddy a psalm oddly…

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Last week I had hammock time with bigger son (this one, yep he’s bigger now!). He was trying to convince me that his next birthday party really should be all about dinosaurs: sauropodic cakes, reptilian sweets, dinosaur costumes or even better, living dinosaurs at home. Not willing to break through happy dreamland birthday party, I nevertheless answered that dinosaurs were still around us and that actually, some of them were messing out daily with my plants in the garden*. He looked me up, unsure about whether he heard me true or what… I added that you see, some dinosaurian species did not go extinct the latest life crisis, but they evolved toward extant species… as birds. He only had to look closer at legs how scales are probably relicts of their glorious past. (Not that they haven’t a glorious day currently, indeed they have, but I wanted him to acknowledge they don’t exactly look the same today as their ancestors did in the past).

He gave a few seconds full thinking about this. Looked at me (possibly my leggs I have to admit). Asked: “So the eagles are living dinosaurs?”. Yep. “Chickens are dinosaurs?”. Yep. “Hummingbirds?”. (Confusingly, I may have heard Hummingborgs). Yep, all of them sort of are extant species of dinosaurs. He gave a few seconds full thinking about this. You would hear the mind blowing in dusky times and beyond. “Dad… but I thought you were a dinosaur!”. True too.

* Chickens, if you didn’t guess. They often devastate vegetables, but on the other hand they also kill centipedes. (Here for a gallery of centipede diversity in the Antilles).

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Lianas are so good for mandalas!

Simple horizon

And here’s another take: (more…)

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A few weeks ago, at the farmers market, my favourite stallholder asked me if I wanted some good yams*. She knew I would certainly be interested in, because she knew I was working on yams and I regularly buy her tubers (for food, not work). Well, I’m still learning ways to cook these, and it is certainly an amazing food, even if not as tasty as potatoes (sweet or not), depending on varieties.

Anyhow, I asked her what the variety’s name was. (Just curious, very curious). These were indeed quite small and amazingly regular tubers, with strange self peeling epiderms. Cute tubers.

“That, is Not Possible**” she said. I was disappointed: why didn’t she know the very stuff she was selling out? I bought them.

The thing is, you can’t possibly hear upper case letters in a discussion. The variety’s name was simply “Not Possible”, I just did not understand this.

Later on, speaking yams with colleagues during a meal, they enquired whether I already tasted “Not Possible” yams, and I realised that yes, I’ve eaten this before. It’s just that it’s Not Possible, the most implausible name of a plant variety…

And that’s it!

* I mean true yams (Dioscorea sp), the crop ones (D. alata or D. rotundata/cayenensis that occur here). What’s often sold as yam in the USA are sweet potatoes, not yams.

** “Ca, c’est Pas Possible”.

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It’s busy here finding a way to get the best place to the festivities, kids are hectic. This day, this is black & red theme for mid Lent.

An excerpt from previous local incarnations, so that you can participate too :)

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Forests are made of these. Mosaics. Grins and tones, tones of greens. Tropical rainforests at best!

Today you get four at the same time. Which one do you prefer?


#1 : Leafy center


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