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You can read the very latest Berry Go Round Edition over there at Foothills Fancies. Enjoy!

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It is there. World travel edition.

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Berry Go Round # 58: here.

Giants’ Shoulders #55: Curiosities, Utility and Authority.

Is there any other running science blog carnival that I am not aware of?

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You can find it there.

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Berry Go Round #56

Hi folks!
Before digging into this month’s plants posts, we are happy to learn the come back of I & the bird, the very nice birding carnival interrupted not that long fortunately. Go have a quick look and share the good news!

Now, previous BRG can be found there, at Ian Lunt’s Ecological Research Site. If you’re willing to host the BGR carnival, we’d be happy you welcome our plant carnival. Remeber you don’t even need to be a plant blogger, we welcome anyone. Please go tell us you’re volunteering for coming month!

So what are the greenier news?

And I guess there are some more all over… Please dont hesitate to submit your posts or any post you enjoyed reading… And see you soon!


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Previous installment of Berry Go Round was over there at The Daily Plant. Now we are at summer’s heart, when plants experience mostly drought (well, at least in temperate climates! Oh, and that’s also harvest time peak for many vegs), though the plant blogosphere’s been nothing like dry, quite the contrary… Let’s discover plenty of planty stuff!


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It’s just over there at The Daily Plant. Go read, please comment.

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At “In the Company of Plants and Rocks“. A rocking plant carnival…

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I certainly need to catch up, so here are a few recent carnivals to celebrate:

Berry Go Round # 51

Giants’ Shoulder # 48

Carnival Of Evolution # 49

I don’t know if there are other active blog science carnivals (seems like Circus Of The Spineless’s gone agonizing, here # 69), since the blogosphere evolution has a fairly short turn over and nearly three years of absence means I’ll need some time to get updated…


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Hi folks. I know it’s been silent around for some time. It’s going back, truly back I tell you, in a few weeks. I hoped I would write something on the blog before handling the BGR carnival this month, but life is full of surprises. Anyway, here is installment # 50 of the plant carnival. You may also check the previous edition at A Blog Around the Clock. (more…)

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