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Recent carnivals it’s more than time to highlight:

April Berry Go Round

March Berry Go Round

May BGR is coming soon!

The Game of Evolution (CoE #170).

Have a good read!

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Update for recent carnivals that I missed until today:

February Berry-Go-Round: Botanical Warfare

Carnival of Evolution, February 2014 Edition

69th Carnival of Evolution: Darwin’s Day Edition

Some other blog carnivals…

Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival – February 2014

Welcome to the March 2014 Blog Carnival of Horses

Carnivalesque #101


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January Berry Go Round #66 is posted! Go read your plant carnival now!

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Go read it there.

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Carnival of evolution is at Evolving Thoughts: The Day of the Doctor of Evolution: CoE #66.

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Oops, I’m late. Please find September’s edition of Berry Go Round.

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Carnival of Evolution can be found there.

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Keep up with BGR!

The latest Berry Go Round can be found at Mostly Science. Go read!

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You can find over there at Hort Log the very latest of the Berry Go Round Carnival.

It’s a themed Berry this Month, and it’s covering Ugly Smelly Plants. Of course, none of the critters are actually ugly. They’re all fascinating. Nor smelly except in the plant sense, which is good, because all plants smells for the best.

Maybe we should meme the theme options, and start series for berries. That’s certainly a good idea.

Meanwhile, I’m back again…

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Carnival gazing

You can find

– the latest Berry Go Round there

– Carnival of Evolution there

– Carnival of the Cats, over there

– This one, on Green living there

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