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Oh my…

From Nature’s Careers and jobs section this week, two points that made me depressed.

US scientists keep jobs. That’s a good thing, and of course, it doesn’t drive me down per se. I’m glad it’s working fine over there… Only about 4% of biologists are unemployed! That’s so low! It definitely seems like I’m not living at the right place. I do not have the least clue about the same French statistics, but it is probably much higher, let’s say at least three times (that would be the national average, though it is even more probably higher given the state of science job market in here)…

French recruitement. This year is nevertheless an apparent exception, at least with regard to agriculture research. Not bad at all neither (though none of the advertised profiles fit anything that I would bring for as a scientist… That’s not for me this year neither…). But have a look at the comments -a few quotes: (more…)


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