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At least, maybe more. And don’t expect even light blogging…

Read you when eventually back…

Best to all.

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Science or Nature?

Cool title, isn’t it? First of all, I’m not actually considering publishing in these journals, though I’m still awaiting working out rocket dataset to do so. What I’m doing here is playing with the new wordpress poll gadget wondering if you consider Seeds Aside to be a nature blog or a science blog. Reader minds.

I’m asking because some people on the Science Online 09 did turn around the nature/science thing. I think nature blogs are to science blogs what rodents are to, say, animals, but it may not be as easy to figure out. So first, I would like to know what difference you make between the two, and whether you consider Seeds Aside a science or a nature blog.

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While gone away, I missed the statement about the top 100 botany blogs. Hundred botany blogs already? Great! Gone fishing on new reads, and noticed Seeds Aside was listed there.

It’s nice, but… wait a minute! Seeds Aside is listed in the student category!… Gosh! When do we start being something else than a student? I’ve defended my PhD five years ago, I’m getting close to the mid thirties, and parent of two kids, I’ve been alternating with various periods of post-doc and unemployment, and when I enter the teaching room these days, the students are… in front of me.

Would it be that it can’t be otherwise until you get tenured or what? Hum, maybe I should be just happy, and sing with Dylan ad noseam “Forever young“!

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New blog. Added. Go mind!

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So this is my take on Linnaeus Legacy. I have to admit that I was really wondering how to put pieces together into a coherent and decent prosaic carnival (at least it seems coherent now). Eventually, things went out straight naturally, and I am left with wondering if this has actually a meaning or not. I’ll let you consider the question and make your mind about it.

But first I have an important disclaimer to add: it is your responsability if you read this. I know we’re still with Linneaus Legacy below 18, but my intent is only educationnal. I sincerely apologise for destroying my fellow bloggers efforts into decent science popularisation. Any other interpretation is your own only.


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Hum, no time to go into details, but you should find out about a few of the many hurts. French academia is roaring in a single voice against the most  dramatic attack in decades from any government. The current reform of French research is strikingly disrespectful.


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Dear readers… I’ve been completely out of touch with virtuality lately, without access to the net, and frantically sticking to real life issues. Many things have gone so far, and here is a first post with important late announcements.

First, don’t forget if not done already to have a look at Berry Go Round 13th, just there, at Watching the World Wake Up. Winterful edition with a lot to read, and opening of the second round…

Then there is also the 8th edition of the Carnival of Evolution, there and there (two parts) at Biochemical Soul.

Finally, I was hosting Linneaus Legacy early this month. Well, I’m actually going to post the edition sometime this week as soon as I get enough submissions… So please submit your posts (or those from other blogs you enjoyed, just the same!) to me asap to seedsaside (at) gmail (dot) com…

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