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Veggie meme

There’s a veggie meme running these days, and surprisingly, there’s been a number of stuff listed that I’ve eaten already, so I’m not too ashamed of taking my turn. Given prices for meats in France, I’ve been practicing ‘vegetarianism’ by economic necessity as a late student, so I guess it somewhat helped a bit. What’s more, since I am opportunistically prone to freeganism (when I realised it isn’t that worse), you guess I’m way more reluctant about junked meats than greens, vegs and fruits…

Bolded = tried (thought this is not exhaustive, given I hadn’t time to check for food names and I may have eaten some of them):


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Music sharing. Amadou and Mariam (official website here):

Senegal fast food (with Manu Chao)

Je pense a toi

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Could an utterly irritating site like Conservapedia *, be a useful resource for teaching (and thus deserve the original meaning of encyclopedia)? Well, as weird as it seems at first sight, there’s a post up there at Botanizing showing that, yes, it can…

* As a note to my few readers who are ignorant of this very unbiased conservative encyclopedia (probably some of my nice French readers): I do not link, but you may still use google for a good laugh if not suffering from any bad heart condition (it’s sometimes quite hard to realise some people actually think things you may find there, but they do, really really).

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Increasingly attracted by the concept… I wonder, after almost a dozen years of experience and many projects, if there’s a serious tally of the actual pluses and minuses, pleases and misuses. It seems to work quite well, even if probably not as well as implied in this video,but… What’s next? The whole city? Would be terribly nice!

Anyway, enjoy!

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Without caption, new wave Internet Explorer googlish trans-iconism…


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Please find the new edition of Berry Go Round, #8, at Not Exactly Rocket Science. Bamboos, orchids, taros and more… All ingredients for a good reading time!

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