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Blogging too much?

Blogging can turn into a very addictive obsession, not only wasting time but also potentially harming actual (as opposed to virtual) social relationships, etc (there’s even a word for this, and it’s bad!). Thanks to… fruits, I’m not completely zombified, as suggested by the following test result measuring my blogging addiction (though this is in itself also a blogging trap).

47% How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

But being aware blogging might somehow take me down, I’ve been looking lurking for blogging cures around. Beware many cures are just not working at all, when they are not making things worse… But here at Seeds Aside, we’ve been testing a very efficient way to naturally slow down blogging.

It’s a natural method, 100% organic, with fairly light side effects (well, to the except of sleep deprivation, but it isn’t worse than the sleep loss due to blogs anyway). In addition to being efficient, it has very strong beneficial effects on social life and self-esteem, as many people just take the opportunity to say hello and even congratulate you:



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