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Did you ever heard of Bixaceae before? Some probably do. Bixaceae is a rather small family, with a still difficult taxonomic delineation, being closely related to Cochlospermaceae, maybe part of it, maybe a true group on its own. Systematicists may come up with an answer, or maybe not, whenever new sequences are added, but morphological evidence is not straightforward and the question is still a matter of classification preferences. Anyway, I come up with Bixaceae because of an interesting species of course, actually because of the mascot of this family. This species is Bixa orellana, and is also known as Achiote in the English world, Roucou in the French world (or derived names such as Urucu in Brasilian Portuguese, taken directly from Tupi). (more…)

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What’s up there?

Hopefully coming back soon, though probably on an even less frequent basis. Real life business matters, after all… But before that, a commemoration. Sky is lightning hard everywhere here, it’s noisy like there’s a storm front moving, waving around, well not exactly like that but close.

Small Bang


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The Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival, dealing with anthropology and other things human, can be read (44th edition) at Greg Laden’s blog. A wide range of topics, from adaptiveness of morning sickness in pregnant woman to Hip Hop linguistics, taking even a turn into the messes of conservapedia. Seems like there’s nothing as diverse as the human mind…

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… Quand on est une mule larguée par son esclavagiste. Déprimant, mais il faut bien une piqure de rappel pour rester bien attentif à ce que peut être la réalité du beau monde moderne.

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Up there at Gossamer Tapestry, Circus of the Spineless #36. Insect biased. Strongly insect biased… A side effect of summer coming by? Anyway, another well worth reading edition that you can enjoy there.

You may also go at Earth, Wind and Water, for Festival of the Trees #25. Just there.

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Dear BGR readers, please have this late edition from June. The previous BGR (#5) was posted here at A Neotropical Savanna, and July’s edition (#7) will be hosted at A Blog Around The Clock. Now, there’s been plenty of plant things happening during June, and here it is:


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I sincerely apologize for having to delay the coming edition of Berry Go Round. It should be posted soon, say in a day or… three. You all know there’s some real world outside… Well, sometimes the real world is also inside. Anyway, the real world is real, no matter what we think about it. (more…)

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