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Ah ces chiffres, que serait donc le bon sens? Juste une question d’argent? Ici pour un rebond qu’on esperera plein de rebondissements…

PS: pourquoi taguer sous pseudo-sciences? A votre avis? (he: c’est le debat que je tague ainsi, pas le billet).


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I won’t have time to post anything before the edition of Berry Go Round coming next, but I wanted to share with you readers an interesting post about gender and publishing in science brought up at Living the Scientific Life. Whatever the reason is, scientist women are apparently suffering a real bias during the peer-review process. This is not a claim, this is unfortunately factual.

I would really like to emphasize that it does not need the scientific community to be sexist for this to occur, for unconscious biases have already been documented in other situations (e.g. with regard to ethnicity). Also, the counter-argument that peer-review is made by women as well isn’t a valid objection, for the exact same reason (even female reviewers can be biased against ‘woman’ manuscripts).

But go read the post.


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