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We constantly underestimate the richness of life. It’s not only that we can’t even notice the profusion of shapes of living things around us, it’s also that we can’t really see how diverse the world actually is. To each species, we overlook dozens if not hundreds of its parasites. That makes it huge, in terms of species number. And we tend to forget we are living in a world of parasites…



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One more rather bizarre request that eald to this blog. Here it is: “Science term: having sex with plants“. You mean, dendrophily (or dendrophilia). It’s no less than a fetishist attraction to trees, but maybe you were really thinking about plants in general? Definitively worth a word of the week label anyway…

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Linnaeus Legacy #3 is up at Greg Laden’s Blog. This is a very good and ecclectic and carnival. You know where you can read some good stuff now…

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Miscellanees today

Roaches as pest control (where the pest is less of a pest but still loves pastry!).

Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia is what you feel after supposedly too much of an ice cream. I suspect this may have a lot to day with the way your ice was produced (no time to check for modern freezing conditions, but might be interesting to investigate).

Strobilops aenea isn’t something you may feel, unless you’re very sensitive. It’s an helicoidal cuty. We’ll come back to snails soon.

And behold of other creeds. It has to do with thumbs, markings and tongues (just to stay mysterious).

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