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Been drifting up to that point. Nice pictures. Go have a look.

J’ai dérivé jusqu’au lien pointé en première phrase du poste. De très jolies photos. Allez y faire un tour…


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This was a request leading here today…

Gee! And I know the answer: stick insects (or walking sticks for that matter, depending on which place you are) can have cannibalistic behaviours whenever you don’t give them enough or regularly fresh plants to eat. Which happens if you let the demography running high in your rearings. So just keep a bunch of juveniles to avoid starvation, and give them enough food that you renew at least on a weekly basis (half a week is best of course)…

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As far as I can tell, meeting creationists is quite always a really boring event. I mean, far too many creationists are not only ill-informed or blindfully ignorant, but they are also proud of it. But I would lie like one if I would write there isn’t any honest and respectful creationist in the world. I met one. Incredible, but true. And it’s actually one of my most pleasant memory.


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