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Et nerd!*

Slightly nerdier than Matt (though the difference is not significant I guess…) and a lot (?) less than Bug_girl. My score really comes as a surprise. Seriously. There must be something wrong with this test. I’m not a nerd at all. I’m just focused.

I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

*En français dans le texte.


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A great deal of a flowering plant life is left to the discretion of pollinators. These indeed do play a very fundamental role in plant mating. Not to say, they are often responsible for a sensible amount of selfing (self-fertilization) and outcrossing (mating with an unrelated plant of the same species), depending on their behavior once they are landing on a flower.


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Just count about two weeks.

Je suis bientôt de retour sur le net. Comptez environ deux semaines.

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Do kuddos

for you could

do haikus.

(Inspired by


4/17 OF A HAIKU“,

in Trout Fishing in America).

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“Silver is not a good adjective to described what I felt when he told me about trout fishing. I’d like to get it right.Maybe trout steel. Steel made from trout. The clear snow-filled river acting as foundry and heat.

Imagine Pittsburgh.

A steel that comes from trout, used to make buildings, trains and tunnels.”

Trout fishing in america, Richard Brautigan.

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