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Recent carnivals it’s more than time to highlight:

April Berry Go Round

March Berry Go Round

May BGR is coming soon!

The Game of Evolution (CoE #170).

Have a good read!

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I know there are numerous and interesting timelapse art creations all over the internet, but this one is absolutely wonderful. I recommand you follow the link and experience this one:


Nothing to add!

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January Berry Go Round #66 is posted! Go read your plant carnival now!

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Gogonuts palm edition, perhaps oddy a psalm oddly…

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Berry Go Round #64

Previous Berry Go Round is found at For the love of plants.

This is edition #64.

Unfortunately, I’m currently only left handed, so this edition will be more like a round of links and probably less wordy than could have been.

Any typo is mine…

Are tannin familiar to you? Did you know about how there’s even a special organella devoted to them? Then you should learn about it thanks to Kathleen Raven at Food Matters:

This is a wonderfull collaborative blog, so you may find a lot of other stuff of interest, with or without plants but plenty:

And even GMOs debate going on:

Anyhow, please have a nice blog mining, and hopefully we’ll meet Food Matters on next occasion!

Season is falling in tempirate climate, so how do trees cope? Find out in good company at… a rocking plant I thing:

Unless you’d prefer Ghosts in the Rocks and spectacular spectralities!

  • Needles to say, sheathe got an option! Looking closer is always good…

If it’s edible… it’s also readable:

Or passing by, can you take it warm?

Some more Raflesia on the internets: How A Plant Makes The Biggest Flower of Them All

Aren’t plants always a mass of stuff? Well, while some families are familiar, the other are… Malpighiales: A Glorious Mess of Flowering Plants

Mossible? Unmossible?

Climate change is happening (one more bit of evidence):

Okay! Left hand tired flat! Oh, but there are many more gems over over!

For example, what’s in a tropical understory? A sub story of some sort? Probably not:

And browse the recent tropical blogging at Phytofactor!

Wants more? Well, next Berry is expected soon! Please volunteer if you feel like, you’re welcome to too!

Late edit: forgot this submission, about Larchness monster.

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Oops, I’m late. Please find September’s edition of Berry Go Round.

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Keep up with BGR!

The latest Berry Go Round can be found at Mostly Science. Go read!

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